Michael Lightowler Notary PublicBefore seeing me, it is advisable that we discuss your requirements first and what it is you wish to achieve. Sometimes it is necessary for me to suggest a particular course of action in order that the process is successful and will be accepted by the receiving party abroad.

I would appreciate seeing beforehand any documentation you have been sent and also any instructions which have been given. It is very helpful if these can be emailed to me in advance of the meeting.

I will need to check the identity of all signatories and this is best achieved by producing photographic identity such as an original passport, driving licence or shotgun certificate. In addition, I will need to see proof of your address such as a Council tax or utility bill (gas, water, electricity or telephone) or a bank statement bearing your name.

When we discuss matters prior to our meeting, I can also indicate to you how long our meeting is likely to take and provide an estimate of the probable cost.

I can also advise as to whether any other procedures may be involved, such as legalisation (Foreign Office or Embassy certification), and the cost of this and how long this will take. If there are several people who need to sign, it is desirable and more cost effective if everyone attends the same meeting.

I will need to know in advance if any of the documents are in a language other than English and if any of the signatories has any difficulties with hearing or sight or is disabled or does not speak or understand the English language.

I will usually arrange meetings in my office in Brentwood but can also arrange to meet in your home or office but where I have to travel to see you, this is likely to incur additional cost.

Types Of Work I Undertake

  • Shipping

    Preparation and noting of protest and authenticating shipping documents and certificates.

  • Certification

    Certifying copy documents including passports and academic and other certificates.

  • International Wills
    International Wills

    Witnessing and attesting the signature of foreign wills.

  • Parental Consent
    Parental Consent

    Letters consenting to minors travelling abroad.

  • Business Transactions
    Business Transactions

    International Business Transactions.